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LMA Art Festival Paris 2015 Subscription Fee

LMA Art Festival Paris 2015 Subscription Fee

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 Launch My Art' Global Web Arts Festival, Paris 2015. The Best of the Global Creations

Last Date of Submission: August 30, 2015

 LMA is committed to provide opportunities and virtual venues for artists that foster social and political creative practices, while engaging and educating our audiences through Creative art. online Space programming comprises exhibitions by artists, collaborators, curators, and other cultural producers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We work closely with artists, Art Galleries and Art Collectors to create critically-relevant shows that advance Creative art in communities. Please note that LMA accepts proposals for solo shows, but the Programming Committee may also consider individual artists for inclusion in a curated group project. All the shows are absolutely free of charges to watch online at

Submission procedure

The following materials should be included in your application:

1. Proposal: Briefly describe your exhibition project. Provide complete details of your of your work of art.

2. Artist Statement: Discuss how your proposed project and the broader context of your work, research, and interests.

3. Exhibition: Please include up to fifteen best pieces of your art works for the online exhibition, support material, including digital images, videos, text excerpts, or audio clips alongside a corresponding numbered image list detailing the artwork’s title, medium, physical size, date of completion, and any other necessary descriptors. Our Programming team will review the material.

4. LMA Account Registration: Best Describe your artistic background with complete details into your LMA profile with uploading photos of your work. Please include all relevant contact information.

The LMA online Gallery only accepts digital submissions via e-mail. Please format all written materials as a single pdf document. All the Images must be numbered RGB .jpeg files with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 72 dpi and no larger than 1 MB in size. LMA accepts links to video and audio work hosted online. E-mailed applications must be submitted in a single .zip folder containing both documents and images. There is 
Registrationry fees of 10$ which is need to pay online before the submission of the proposal. 

Send completed submission packages to:

ATTN: Programming Team,

LMA's Web Art Festival, Paris 2015 starting 2nd September 2015 

Last Date of Submission: August 30, 2015